Aquios manufacture several different water filtration products which includes a raft of water softeners. What is unique about Aquios is that they take a slightly different approach to water softening, opting to forego traditional methods to provide consumers with alternatives.

The FS-220 Salt Free Water Softener is no different, processing hard water through the utilization of other means for those homeowners who do not care for replenishing salt levels or the added salt within their water. What may come as a surprise is that this water softener is also capable of filtering water.


In this review, we’ll be providing an overview of the features that the FS-220 offers including its ease of installation and use. We’ll also cover its specifications and its water softening capability, allowing you to come to a conclusion on whether or not the FS-220 is right for your home.

​About The Product

The Aquios FS-220 looks nothing like other water softeners that are available on the market. There is no mineral or brine tank and certainly no digital control head.

Instead, you have a device which looks like a basic water filter which is installed in much the same way. Once water flows through this water softener, it is passed through a food grade additive which is responsible for reducing water hardness.

As mentioned, this model also incorporates water filtration technology via the use of a 5 micron carbon block to remove many of the contaminants which are typically present in tap water.

As you would expect from such a simple device, you are unable to exercise any control over the water softening or filtering process other than by controlling the flow rate of your water itself.

Included In The Box

After ordering this system, you can expect to find the water softener housing, your filtration cartridge and a filter housing wrench in the box.

​Water Softening Capability

Salt free water softeners are rarely rated in terms of grain capacity and the FS-220 is no exception.

What we can say is that this unit is designed to remove up to 20 grains of hardness from water supplies, which may or may not be sufficient depending on where you live and how hard your water supply is.

The softening / filtration cartridge itself is typically good for around 6 months’ worth of use but this will vary depending on your water demands.

Since this is a salt free system, no regeneration is required with this model able to constantly provide you with softened water on demand.

Minerals Removed

The FS-220 will work to remove both calcium and magnesium which are the primary components of hard water and the cause of limescale build up.

In addition, the 5 micron water filter will also remove a variety of contaminants such as rust, silt and other forms of sediment.

​What To Look Out For

The main concern for many users of this model is the reduced water flow rate which can be expected once in use. If your property has a high demand for water with many occupants requiring water at the same time, this model may not be right for you.

Some sources say that this may be overcome due to a reduction in limescale which could actually increase water pressure but any difference because of this is difficult to quantify.

Other consumers also complained that they were unable to treat any more than around 5000 gallons of water before having to replace the filtration cartridge.

Buying Advice

We recommend the installation of a prefilter in conjunction with this water softener which is going to improve not only its performance but also extend the lifespan of each cartridge. A 10 or 15 micron filter will be acceptable and will work well when installed just before this water softener.

Final Verdict

Aquios’ FS-220 Salt Free Water Softener offers something different for consumers with a specific requirement for both softened and filtered water in a compact package that is also salt and chemical free.

We found that this system performed well in treating hard water with its additional filtration capability a welcome bonus – offering a low maintenance solution with none of the drawbacks or disadvantages of using salt.

In addition, we noticed a remarkable improvement in both the taste and the odor of the water treated by this system.

Some may say that this water softener is expensive for what you receive but it satisfies a growing niche within the domestic water treatment market and will be a welcome addition for many.


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