Even if you are relatively new to the subject of water filtration – you are at least bound to be familiar with the ins and outs of the water filter pitcher. The water filter pitcher is the most common type of home water filtration device in existence and is the one that you are most likely to find in most people’s homes.

And there is good reason for this, especially when you take into account their many benefits and the ease in which they can take unpleasant tasting and smelling tap water and turn it into something that you actually want to drink.

We compiled a list of the top advantages of using a water filter. If you already sold on the advantages and will like the skinny on what to buy, you can read our recommendations here.


​Low Purchase Cost

The main attraction for many homeowners to this form of water filtration is the low financial barrier to entry – often the same price as or much cheaper than other water filtration methods.

Depending on the brand of pitcher that you purchase, you will be looking to spend anywhere between $20 – 60$ for a decent model which is going to last you a lifetime. In addition, you can also choose to benefit from many of the bundled offers that are commonly run whereby 2 – 3 filters are included with the pitcher which should provide for up to 9 months of filtration.


​​​Effective Water Filtration

The use of a water filter pitcher is a great way to treat the water that is supplied to your property through your neighborhood’s water main. Providing you live in an area that features a drinkable mains water source, using a water filter pitcher will enable you to remove a significant amount of the contaminants that are present and make it far more palatable to drink.

Such contaminants include chlorine, magnesium, hydrogen sulfide and zinc – which whilst not harmful in low quantities – can begin to have negative effects with high dosages.

Removing these contaminants and heavy metals can improve the function of your digestive system – resulting in better health and generally feeling better overall.

E​ase of Use

There is nothing simpler than a jug that only requires filling with water from your tap and a filter change every couple of months. This reason alone is why so many households choose to head down this route instead of buying bottled water or plumbing in a whole house filter.

Once your filter has filtered a certain quantity of water (usually measured in days), simply replace it with a fresh filter cartridge to once more begin enjoying fresh drinking water.

​Large Capacity

Another attractive advantage is the ability to prefilter quantities of water before they are required, effectively providing you with a store of water that can be used at any time. Some of the larger pitchers on offer provide enough capacity for 18 individual glasses of water.

Excellent Portability

Access to clean drinking water isn’t just a requirement at home. Many owners choose to bring their pitcher with them when travelling or purchase another one for use in a building that they inhabit often but which features a poor quality of mains water.

If you fit this criterion, there really is no better alternative option which offers this level of convenience and practicality.


In Conclusion

There is a reason that the water filter pitcher has taken the world by storm and become the most popular way to filter tap water. If your household is small (less than 4 occupants) or doesn’t feature a large demand for drinking water, making use of one of these great devices is going to change the way that you and your family enjoy water.



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