Almond Milk



Vegans eat a plant-based diet, free from animal products. Consequently, it is no surprise that they are very interested in ensuring that their food does not harm animals directly or indirectly.

While almond milk is technically vegan because it doesn’t contain animal products, almond trees grown for commercial reasons are often treated with pesticides that harm bees.

Additionally, store-bought almond milk could also contain ingredients like calcium carbonate, which can be derived from corals, seashells, and eggshells, and therefore not vegan.

Did you know that almond milk made with sugar is technically not vegan as it is filtered through bone char? Almond milk sweetened with Raw sugar is fine, but it is hard to tell when buying at the store.

It is often hard to tell which is vegan-friendly without knowing the brand beforehand. Some vegans decide that make their almond milk at home.

But, some homemade almond milk recipes suggest adding honey which is not vegan-friendly. Try vegan-safe sweeteners like agave nectar, coconut sugar, and or dates.

There are so many milk alternatives like coconut milk and soya milk.

 If you decide to cut out almond milk because of how it’s made, you have many other options.

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