Herbal Teas for Cough

Written by Sneha

Certain herbs contain compounds that make them great natural cough remedies  Got a nasty cough you cant shake? Here are herbal teas you can try today!

Studies suggest that thyme can be a good natural herb for acute bronchitis. It can reduce both the frequency and severity of coughing by up to 50%.  It can also reduce the duration of the condition by a few days.

Thyme Tea


Turmeric has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help kill the bacteria causing the coughing and soothe the inflammation in the throat.

Oregano doesn’t just help relieve coughs but can also ease the sore throat and hoarseness associated with upper respiratory tract infections.  Oregano has antibacterial, antiviral, and immunomodulating effects. Help fight those nasty bacteria!

Oregano tea


Sage is great also good for coughs as it too can ease sore throats and fight throat infections.  One study even suggests that sage is just as effective as chlorhexidine and lidocaine for throat pain.

Sage Tea

Horehound is part of the mint family and can be used to treat coughs associated with pharyngitis, whooping cough, and even tuberculosis.

Horehound tea

So, next time you get that tickle in your throat from a coming cough, make yourself a hot cup of these teas. After all they are not just effective and soothing but also tasty!

Want to make herbal tea for your cough?

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