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Written by Sneha


Headaches can disrupt your life significantly, especially if it is chronic. Is there a possible homeopathic remedy to help? We've got you covered with the best herbal teas for headaches.

Willow bark has salicin and is rich in antioxidants, indirectly providing some analgesic activity with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Willow Bark Tea

You can benefit from lavender’s analgesic effect by drinking it as a tea. It is said to help decrease pain intensity, helping you through migraine episodes.

Lavender Tea

A study found that ginger  is as effective in treating acute migraine episodes as sumatriptan (anti-migraine drug). A good thing, as ginger will have fewer side effects in comparison.

 Ginger Tea

A study concluded that citron syrup (used to make citron tea) effectively prevents migraine episodes as propranolol, a beta-blocker often prescribed for chronic migraines.

Citron Tea

Feverfew, also known as chrysanthemum, may help manage migraine-associated nausea, making it an excellent tea to have in your arsenal.

Feverfew Tea

A regular cup of black, green, or white tea can be effective for headaches because of its caffeine content. Caffeine is a mild analgesic that can also increase the potency of acetaminophen when taken together.

Regular Tea

Teas for headaches, although soothing are  just one leg in a self-care regime.

It is essential to know what causes your headaches, especially if chronic. Consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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