An Eco Conscious Way To Drink Tea


With millions of cups drank daily, small plastics in tea bags add up to many non-biodegradable compounds in the landfill. An eco-friendly tea habit to adopt is composting used tea bags.

Before you throw any ol' tea bag in the compost bin, note that most tea bags are not compostable because they contain polypropylene, a synthetic polymer.

As a rule of thumb, check if your tea bag is slippery to the touch and uses a heat-sealed edge. If it does, it is not compostable. Split open the tea bag and compost just the used tea leaves.

Better yet, opt for loose tea leaves or brands that use plastic alternatives in their teabags. Some use biodegradable materials derived from plants, wood, and other renewable resources.

Some eco-friendly tea bags include Twinings Pyramid Tea Bags, Nemi Tea, Brew Tea Co, and Clipper Organic Everyday Tea. For more, check out our full article to see our list.

Alternatively, consider upcycle your used tea bags if composting is not an option.  You can them to  degrease plates, deodorize refrigerators, and even refresh wood furniture and surfaces.

Tea bags are not just wrappers. They can impact the lives of those process them and our environment. As much as possible, support brands that are eco-conscious.

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