So you want to know more about us...

Take a sEAt and let's pour you a drink...

We are drink filtered.

We started with a mission to be one of the most comprehensive sources available on the internet for all topics concerning water filtration. So we built a team of writers that hail from a variety of backgrounds, with one thing in common: the desire to support our readers on their quest to drink clean water. Since we started, we have tackled our mission by providing our readers with the latest information, product reviews and buying guides, but we are not stopping there.

This year, we are expanding our mission. We will be focused on evaluating the healthy alternatives to water out there, exploring their benefits if any, and weeding out which products are standouts and which are simply hype and marketing. The importance of drinking water cannot be understated, however we cannot ignore the human need for variety.  So this year, take us on your journey to finding healthy alternatives to water, because a healthy lifestyle isn't just about what you eat but also what you drink.

​Here's to drinking healthy!