Coconut water has seen a market boom like no other recently - and choices are everywhere. And with so much choice out there, it can be a little overwhelming.

With a drink that prides itself on being healthy, natural, and kind to the environment, we want to make sure the choice we make with our coconut water purchases is the right one. That’s why we’ve put together our top 10 coconut water brands out there today.

So read on to check out to learn our favorites and why...

The Benefits And Risks Of Coconut Water

Before we leap into our look at the best coconut water brands out there today, it’s useful to remind ourselves why coconut water is such a great healthy choice. This tasty, refreshing drink has great health benefits: low in fat, loaded with potassium and some other key nutrients, and could support heart health and reduce blood pressure.

It’s also a great way to stay hydrated, and its potassium content means that it’s a good beverage for athletes or others looking for alternatives to sports drinks. Its potassium content can mean that it may also contribute to proper erectile function in men.

Coconut water is readily available in grocery stores, and generally safe to drink every day, provided that it’s not being drunk to excess. It can, in too-high quantities, cause stomach upset - so keep an eye on intake, as with all things.

The Best Coconut Water Brands Out There Today

Vita Coco Organic Pure Coconut Water

We may as well start with the heavy hitters! Vita Coco is arguably one of the most prominent brands of coconut water out there today, and with its marketing and delicious taste, it’s easy to see why.

Vita Coco coconut waters tend to be a little on the sweeter side than most other coconut water, due to added fruit sugar, and Vitamin C to the drink. It's great-tasting coconut water with a simple, refreshing, and appealing taste, and suits newbies and season coconut water pros alike.

What this brand does well: Vita Coco coconut water feels very accessible; for those who are a little put off by unsweetened coconut waters, the added sugar and sweeteners make it a great entry-level product. It’s also widely available and recognizably branded, meaning there won’t be trouble finding it in store.

Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water

Harmless Harvest coconut water is a thing of beauty. Sourced from Thailand and carrying a bevy of promises about its trade standards and quality (USDA Organic, Fair For Life), this water feels like it can be trusted.

As good, too, is the taste - although don’t be put off by the slightly pink color; it’s due to the presence of antioxidants, so it’s a good thing! Harmless Harvest tastes crisp and light, and with its micro-filtered production instead of thermal pasteurization, it feels more connected to the coconut itself.

What this brand does well: We love the commitments that Harmless Harvest make to their production; with deforestation being such a concern, to know that it’s a coconut water drink that’s made ethically and fairly goes a big way for us.

Amy & Brian Coconut Water

A family outfit, Amy & Brian make coconut water that appeals to both the tastebuds and the ethically-minded: with their website promising a “never from concentrate, non-gmo, all-natural, nothing artificial” production, it’s good to know that it’s the real deal.

This coconut water has a distinctly nutty edge to the flavor - and for the pulp-lovers out there, they also stock canned water that has pulp included. They also offer a wide range of flavored, no-preservative versions, from Lime to Cinnamon, if looking for something different.

What this brand does well: This team has truly diversified the coconut water market with their flavored offerings, and we love how adventurous they are, putting a new spin on coconut waters. We also love the pulped version.

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water

Fronted by a Thai father and son-led team, Taste Nirvana uses Thai Ham Nom coconuts and is put in the bottle almost instantly after harvesting.

The result is authentic coconut water that's slightly chewy with a naturally sweet coconut flavor that, when drunk, tastes like sitting on a sandy beach somewhere. For the real deal, it’s hard to go wrong with Taste Nirvana.

What this brand does well: This coconut water brand stands out for its taste - there’s a freshness to it that’s difficult to beat (and, we think, probably pretty refreshing on a hot day... or a hangover!). We love that it uses all-natural ingredients, too.

Zico Natural 100% Coconut Water

Zico makes a host of pledges about their quality and ethical production packages - and their bottles of coconut water reflect what they’re trying to offer the market: a clean, natural choice, ideal for health-seekers out there.

Although Zico tastes a little less sweet than a lot of the choices out there, it has a refreshing edge that’s perfect for a hot summer’s day. It also reinforces their ‘no-added’ promises - this tastes natural.

What this brand does well: Zico’s bright, welcoming packaging makes it pop from the shelves, and they clearly have their calories stated, which is a nice touch.

Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Coconut Water

Whole Foods’ own-brand offering to the coconut water market is worth a look. Comprised solely of coconut water and Vitamin C, this choice will set those who drink it back a mere 40 calories per cup, with just 8 grams of sugar.

Its taste is a little on the sweet side, but that’s no bad thing - this coconut water still feels remarkably clean, and is certainly a better choice than a soda filled with added sugar while perusing the store shelves.

What this brand does well: 365 Everyday Value is a terrific choice for the calorie-conscious out there - and its added vitamin content is one big bonus, giving it a high score from us.

Purity Organic Coconut Water

Purity Organic may not be as well-known as some other brands of coconut water out there, but don’t let that get in the way - this is a healthy choice, with a 100% organic production and zero added sweeteners or preservatives.

Flavor-wise, Purity Organic coconut water is a little sweeter than some choices - but it’s still light, and perfect for a hot summer’s day. Packed with electrolytes, this is one of the best choices for the exercisers out there.

What this brand does well: With words like ‘Purity’ and ‘Organic’ in its name, it’s a coconut water brand that feels trustworthy and invested in health. We also love the electrolyte levels in this product, making it a great sports drink - and we can see it becoming our new gym beverage.

Wai Koko Coconut Water

It’s difficult to miss a can of Wai Koko on the shelves: their gorgeous, distinctive branding reflects their Hawaiian roots and production.

With 100% pure coconut water, Wai Koko stands toe-to-toe with other brands, with a light taste - and they’ve also extended their range to include other flavored versions, with tropical vibes like Kona Mocha, Pineapple, and Passion Fruit.

What this brand does well: Cans of Wai Koko are an absolute visual delight - and we love how reflective this brand of coconut water is of its Hawaiian roots.

Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water

Thirsty Buddha has clarity in mind - both in its flavor and in its ingredients list. With no bells and whistles, Thirsty Buddha is 100% all-natural coconut water, and a great choice.

They’ve also branched out into flavored, sparkling versions - we particularly like the sound of the Peach Mango. Their plain coconut water, however, is delicate-tasting and delicious.

What this brand does well: Thirsty Buddha has somehow managed to nail the sense of cleanness that we all want from our coconut waters - and it’s hard to go wrong with a Buddha on a can, too.

Blue Monkey Organic 100% Coconut Water

It’s hard to get purer than Blue Monkey: these cartons contain one thing, pure coconut water and coconut water alone. The all-natural and clean vibe is reflected by a reassuring ‘USDA Organic’ watermark and non-GMO promises on their packaging.

As might be expected, Blue Monkey’s coconut water tastes super-clean and ever-so-slightly nutty. They also make a version with pulp, which can be great for some added fiber.

What this brand does well: If it’s a pure coconut water taste that's the ticket, Blue Monkey could be the one - and the USDA Organic-approved element gives faith that it’s a product made with care.

The Bottom Line

Coconut waters may be increasing in popularity, but that’s no reason to settle for less - and all of the brands on this list come at a reasonable price and offer the invigorating, crisp flavor that coconut water lovers crave, as well as some good health benefits. These are some of the best coconut waters out there and we're a huge fan of all of them, so check them out today, do a taste test, and be transported to a tropical beach at the first sip!