Fleck occupy a prominent position within the water softener market and manufacture several models across their range. Priding themselves on being built in the USA, Fleck like to focus on the detail to ensure that the products they produce are second to none – and as you would expect – the Iron Pro 2 doesn’t disappoint.



In this review, we’ll be providing a complete overview of the features that are on offer with this model before then delving into the detail to highlight the pros and cons of the Fleck Iron Pro 2. For more detail on our testing methods and to compare the other leading models available, consult our extensive water softeners guide.

​About The Product

The Iron Pro 2 follows the same physical form as many other salt based water softeners that are currently on the market. This includes a separate brine and mineral tank in addition to a digital control head which is used to program the operation of this unit and is capable of providing 15 gallons per minute of water.

This review covers the 64,000 grain model which we feel is the perfect size for many average homes, although it is important to note that you can both size up and size down depending on your personal requirements in terms of water hardness and home occupancy levels.

The digital control head utilizes Fleck’s industry leading technology which is comparable in its performance to Tier1’s offering. It offers a 5 year warranty and provides a precise way for you to meter exactly how much salt is used to treat your incoming water supply.

Available in three colors, the Iron Pro 2 is at home wherever you choose to install it with those limited in space able to install this model externally if required.

Included In The Box

As with other similar models, you can expect to receive a mineral tank, a brine tank and the essential digital control valve with every delivered product.

Water Softening Capability

The 64,000 grain mineral tank measures 12” x 48” and is designed to be refilled with salt when required.

64,000 grains of hardness can be successfully removed from your water supply before a regeneration cycle is required. This will equate to one full regeneration cycle every 10-12 days for a family of four people using 300 gallons of water per day with a water supply containing 20 grains of hardness.

Each full regeneration cycle will take approximately 3 hours to complete with a full dosage of salt – allowing you to schedule regeneration either automatically whenever required or at a time that is convenient to you.

The accompanying brine tank is capable of storing approximately 5 packs of water softener salt.

Minerals Removed

The fact that this model specializes in reducing iron content in water (6-8ppm) is what sets it apart from other models in the Fleck range as well as across the industry. If you wish to remove the iron from your water, this water softener is for you.

The Iron Pro 2 also removes the calcium and magnesium that is present within hard water, which in turn will reduce limescale build up and provide your home with softer, tastier, better smelling water.

In addition – rust, sediment and sand are also efficiently removed.

​What To Look For

This 64,000 grain Iron Pro 2 system is sought after by homeowners who desire soft water but also the benefits that a reduction in iron bring.

We found this model very difficult to fault as it performed effortlessly and without complaint. What we did notice was that some customers had difficulty in obtaining customer support from Fleck in the event of installation problems. The instruction manual included is generally lacking in detail.

Buying Advice

As with all salt-based water softeners, this model will require replenishing with salt once the tank is empty. There are several types of salt available so be sure to choose the correct type for your needs.

Fleck also manufacture several accessories which are designed to complement this system, so we suggest browsing the range to find the products you may require.

Final Verdict

The Fleck Iron Pro 2 64,000 Grain Water Softener is a product that performs well and occupies the middle to upper end of the market. Its unique selling point is the fact that it is capable of significantly reducing the iron content of water which is going to be a major attraction for many.

If you wish to transform your water supply from hard to soft in one of the most efficient ways possible; we strongly recommend taking a look at this model.  


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