Tier1 are well known for manufacturing a wide range of USA made domestic water filtration products which are designed to cater to a variety of needs.  As you would expect, their line of water softeners does not disappoint and make a great addition to any home looking to soften their water supply.  



In this review, we’ll be covering Tier1’s 48,000 grain model which sits near the top of their range of water softeners. We’ll start by covering the specifications of this model before then delving into its pros and cons before then coming to a conclusion on whether it is worth your investment.

​About The Product

You will quickly notice that this unit looks remarkably similar to the water softeners produced by other leading bands – and that is because it is. What we’re looking at with this model is the industry standard design which consists of your mineral tank, brine tank and mounted digital control panel.

Grain capacity stands at 48,000 grains which is average for a domestic water softener, with some models offering a higher capacity and some lower – but we find this capacity range to be ideal for most households in a medium water hardness area.

The digital meter features an electronic display which serves to provide an easy to understand set of data, which can then be manipulated on demand to adjust and fine tune how much salt is used for each regeneration and water softening cycle.

If space is at a premium within your home, you will be glad to know that this water softener can be installed and located outside if required – although the slim, space saving design should render this unnecessary.

Included In The Box

Order this product and you will receive the aforementioned brine and mineral tank, a digital control head and a valve with a bypass adapter.  

​Water Softening Capability

The 48,000 grain mineral tank measures 10” x 54” and is designed to be refilled as required.

48,000 grains of hardness can be successfully removed from water before a regeneration cycle is required. This equates to one full regeneration cycle every 7 days for a family of four people using 300 gallons of water per day with a water supply consisting of 20 grains of hardness.

Each full regeneration cycle will take approximately 2 hours with a full dosage of salt – allowing you to schedule regenerations either automatically whenever required or at a time to suit you.

The accompanying brine tank is capable of storing approximately 4-5 packs of softener salt.

Minerals Removed

Hard water causes a variety of problems such as a limescale build-up which can lead to premature wear within your home’s water pipework and infrastructure.

The Tier1 therefore works to remove the calcium and magnesium that is present within hard water, reducing the prevalence of limescale and removing the effects of soap scum residue.

​What To Look Out For

This 48,000 grain Tier1 system is one of the most popular models of water softener currently available. We personally didn’t encounter any problems during our installation and test of this model – and after consulting other user opinions – neither did many other customers, with this model comparing favourably to Fleck’s range of products.

Buying Advice

Once you have purchased this water softener, you will only be required to top up with softener salt as necessary.

The type of salt that you use is up to you but Tier1 do recommend a specific type based upon your levels of water hardness so be sure to consult your user manual for further advice and guidance.

Tier1 carry a range of accessories which are designed to be matched with this unit including a handy pour funnel which we also recommend purchasing.

Final Verdict

The Tier1 48,000 Grain Water Softener is a fantastic product which is available at a great price. It isn’t the cheapest model available but what you are guaranteed is a level of quality that is difficult to find elsewhere – making this model one of the best water softeners in 2020 and the perfect fit for any medium sized home.

If you’re in the market for a reliable water softener that offers great value for money, is well made, reliable and will provide you with soft water for years to come; look no further than the Tier1 Water Softener.


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